Tarveen Kaur Saran

Director of Operations

Tarveen is responsible for delivering projects on time within budget and scope. She manages the projects from the beginning to ensure she is getting the best out of the people she oversees to achieve the client’s vision. She specialises in Indian weddings, but her skills cater to all genres of events. Her role enables the photographers to focus on what they do best – and take creative photographs. Much like a bride and groom’s distinct personalities, weddings are most memorable when they are unique and authentic – Tarveen uses her creative flair, as she is also a bridal henna artist, to give each project a diverse edge.

Tarveen’s eye for detail, meticulous nature, and pleasant demeanour are proof that she’s passionate about creating the perfect wedding experience for her clients. She understands their hectic schedules and handles each task proactively, effortlessly transforming their vision into reality. Through communicating, maintaining and developing client relationships, she is able to understand and manage the client’s expectations, thus ensuring excellent customer service and quality delivery. To discuss how we can capture your event please contact Tarveen directly.

Email: tarveensaran@gmail.com

Phone: +44 (0)7540 297782