Secret to our game plan?

Strength in Numbers

Photo credit: Patricius Hartono

Photo credit: Patricius Hartono

People often ask why we work as a collaborative team instead of individual professionals. Well, we just have a realistic approach to the jobs we take on. We understand that a level of planning is required when you are trying to achieve your client’s vision.                  

Several elements, such as budgeting, scheduling, choosing a venue or event site, themes and mood boards need to be discussed. These requirements then need to be clearly communicated to the team so that they can prepare and get their creative juices flowing and the job doesn’t stop there!

We then need to complete the job by uploading the images into a gallery for client viewing and selection for printing. Our objective is to create stunning visuals of the event which our clients can cherish forever. We understand their expectations and strive to exceed them. We aim to capture images without interruption to reflect your day, how it was, how it unfolded.

So, instead of one photographer managing the entire event, it makes more sense to break it down, so that each individual can showcase their talents by focusing on what they do best. That way we can ensure customer satisfaction and quality. It allows us to work resourcefully as a team and react quickly to capture natural and genuine emotions – those feelings that make the event special and memorable.

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Written by Tarveen Kaur Saran