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A few weeks ago  Andrew and I were selected by Digital Camera Magazine to work against each other in a 'Shoot Out' in London. The feature will be an exciting read over a few pages and will be released in the January edition but out on the 30th December 2016. 

Street Photography is at the heart of what both Andrew and I were initially trained to do in our early years as photographers. Emma trained in Marseille, France as a documentary photographer in late 1980's. Andrew has 30 years experience of editorial photography, doing his own street photography as between work assignments.

Street Photography hones the eye. Its like the photographers versions to body building. It trains you to look, to observe, to be visually awake to the would around you. Be responsive, and interested in the smallest detail and be quick to draw the camera. This training serves both of use well in our  respective Press and Commercial careers, because it means that we are visually 'on it' when we work with clients. 

Digital Camera Magazine, out 30th December 

Written by Emma Drabble and Andrew Higgins


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