Battling with your new Christmas camera

Here are some top tips to help! Christmas to new year.. 6 days of #DrabbleHiggins #Challenges to get you started. 

Sitting in the post-turkey slump in the armchair on Christmas Day, your handed the parcels of all parcels. You unwrap that new camera you've been eyeing up all year. Here are some handy tips to help the onset of the new camera challenge!  Let's assume that you unwrapped a fully charged battery and a large SD card. Let's start shooting!

Day 1.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 13.42.41.png

Stick the camera on fully Auto and just have Christmas Day fun with it. There will be a Green setting on the mode dial or iA. Just take your new camera out on the Christmas Day walk and enjoy it..

Day 2.

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It's Boxing Day! There are usually some sporting events laid on in your local town. Let's try the Sports mode on the dial .  What this does is make the camera choose the highest shutter speed possible to freeze the fast action.  ON some cameras, you can select continues auto focus to track and follow the players. (AFC mode)  if you're still shooting enthusiastically as the sun goes down

Day 3.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 13.46.20.png

It's back to the family and visiting friends and family. Let's shoot portraits some today.  Instead of the camera taking complete control, Today. Select the Aperture mode (A, On your Mode dial). Turn one of the control wheels to select the lens aperture, you will see some of the numbers run by in the view finder/ live screen as you rolling the dial..  The point of aperture control is that you can select a while aperture such as f2.8 which will keep your subject in focus and background attractively blurred.
Select f4 as a good starting point, To see the effects of this be sure to fill the frame and try and shoot a head and shoulders shot, keeping the eye line in the top thirds of the frame.

Day 4.

Ha ha! It's being dragged round the sales day! Let's use this to our advantage by shooting street photography today. Not street photography is all about the capturing the moment, so you need to have your camera on a setting that is quick and reliable. All et cameras except a DSLR have a silent option. This is an fantastic asset in street photography. Select the Shutter priory button (S on the mode dial). Set the zoom lens or put in your 35 MM. lens and look out for any moments that just catch your eye.  Groups of people waiting, queuing, shoppers, irritated, frustrated shoppers.  In fact.  Any scene that either sums up the day or now you feel in others faces.

Day 5.  

Mulled mine and Landscapes... Fill up the hip flask and lets head into the hills/ or down the beach. Today use P program mode which allows you choose a shutter speed or aperture you prefer. The camera will adjust the exposure to suit. For more conventional landscape use a wide angle lens viewpoint and a small aperture like f11 to create a sharp panorama from here to eternity. Nice to throw light weight tripod in the rucksack if you can, otherwise look out for natural tripods such as gates, styles and stone walls. Top tip: Try to incorporate some leading foreground material such as trees, walls running in to create depth and look out for the interesting light to illuminate your scene at the right points. 

Day 6. 

This is the off piste day! Be bold Go manual. Set the dial to M and release your inhibitions and become a raw photographer. Now the dials control shutter speed, and aperture and the display in the viewfinder shows the exposure changing. Adjust the dials to the centre point of the display for the correct exposure or experiment with under and over exposure.  Don't concern yourself with the perfect image at this point. You have achieved that over the last five days. This is a learning day, so just let yourself fail to succeed. Out of this concept, comes the most unique photography...

Day 7. 

It's party night! Night time mode. Most cameras have a night mode setting, otherwise go to P (program mode on your dial) to Party. Looking out for all the observational concepts in your street work earlier in the week apply to this to the party scene. The available light will be your biggest challenge and success here. And the ultimate fireworks picture, it's all about prediction and waiting for the right moment. Let's see what you get! 

Day 8. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Carry on snapping every day of 2017! 

PS: In January sales look out for the class 10 SD cards. This rating shows the speed of the card for taking a picture and downloading pictures. The cheapest cards can't handle video, and your camera will undoubtedly be able to shoot super quality film, make the most of this.


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