Photographic Visual Representation

It's always a real pleasure to be invited to meet a new client and listen to the story of their company and how it works. I am always humbled by the talent of other people and what they achieve. As commercial photographers we work in a place of privilege to be allowed to document, notice, bring to the fore the magic that happens behind the scenes.

Keeping a photographer on call recognises that talent is ever changing. Each of my long term clients have evolved, shapeshifted, diversified, magnified, achieved, in the years I have been documenting their work. Everything is ever changing. You see as humans we are meant to grow, evolve and also and most importantly storytell. 

Storytelling is where the photographer comes in. In a social media world, we are defined by the visual stories we tell. The concept of 'face'book suggests an almost narcissist self, recording the selfie.Instagram with its one-off snapshot creates subliminal control of snapped one moments. A blink of an eye. 

The success and failure to deliver an effective and humbly honest visual message does matter. Having a photographer on call means that a portfolio of images and visual stories can grow with the exciting changes within a company. These stories are told on their websites, company marketing campaigns and news stories. Journalists and editors have images on hand when it comes to printing editorial pages. Clients need only to pass on their portfolio password onto to picture editors and have their stories run quickly and without extra cost. 

You see the print industry is under greater pressure than ever to fill pages with little or no additional staff to collate material. Magazines are often grateful for pagefill and even more so when it can be accompanied by gorgeous editorial photographs. This is a simple way for my clients to get exposure and credit for their hard work, and it's so satisfying for companies marketing teams and web designers to have lots of great material to draw from. 

Never underestimate the power of photographic storytelling. For many years, we were treated to the 'Picture Post" where picture stories ran off the press ladened with more pictures than words. The photograph says everything, which only words underpin.  

We run a pay by picture service where our clients pay a small call out fee and then pay only for the pictures they use. We run this service because it acknowledges that company budgets are also ever changing. It also acknowledges that images can be bought from different sources. Many clients also convert to a half day / full day rate shoot as they decide they like all the pictures in the portfolio. Flexibility is essential. Work and business are ever-changing, and as photographers, we should be embracing that, as well as seizing the moment. 

Written by Emma Drabble


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